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Just like a semi-permenant tattoo for your car!

If you don't want to commit to a full airbrush job on your vehicle, then Car-Tattoos are for you!

Car-Tattoos go over the existing paint job of your vehicle. With no priming, body-work or clearcoat, they are a quick and cheap way to personalise your vehicle.

How long will it last?

Though Car-Tattoos aren't clear-coated, the top quality paint will last for months to years depending on how you look after your vehicle and whether you chooses to have the paint scuffed first!

How do I Remove it?

Car-Tattoos are easily removable using a special solvent, Wiki-Studios will remove a Wiki-Studios Car-Tattoo and restore the paintwork to original for free!

Car-Tattoos are applied with minimal (recomended for permenance), or no (easier to remove the Tattoo) scuffing of the paintwork - easy to polish out when the tattoo is removed!

What else do I Need to Know?

Smaller designs work best with a Car-Tattoo. Anything from ten square cm to one square metre is possible!

As Car-Tattoos dissolve in solvent, they are not suitable near your petrol-cap

As with everything else, we can get together and create the perfect artwork for your vehicle!

A Car-Tattoo will take 1/2-2 days depending on the complexity of the design and costs between $150 and $500.

Please contact me for a free quote!