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Sleek and elegant web-pages with style!

I love to develop webpages that work and have impact without complications such as Flash or Java

All my websites are developed using CSS,HTML and the occasional PHP plugin. This means faster loading times for viewers (especially on dial-up), no annoying Flash movies to sit through before getting to the actual site and smooth, problem free website viewing (oh.... and did I mention the fast loading times?)


A selection of Websites that Wiki Studios has created

The Website of Trentham Camp Golf Club. The site, photographs (except for the gallery photographs), all graphics and most of the written content are Wiki Studios original. This was a huge learning curve in CSS and it is still a bit rough around the edges - Mostly due to different screen resolutions and formats. Development was hampered because I had no widescreen to view the page on. It still looks a little silly in widscreen but this will be fixed in the near future.

Trentham Camp Golf Club Webpages

FFA Climbing was an experimental enterprise that my partner and I played with for a while. The market was there, but unfortunately, we were short on time at that point and had to let FFA Climbing go. It was all rather silly and we had a blast! I am still not sure whether I am a Llama or a human! I also discovered roll-over buttons at this time (please take the time to admire these buttons).

FFA Climbing Webpages

Exploding Moths was my very first website (imagine 15 year old teenage girl... this should explain it nicely (10+ years ago now... eep!)). Unfortunately this page is full af angst-y teenage poetry but I love the design of the site and I will probably resuscitate it in the future with updated art and writings.

Exploding Moths Webpages